Sunday, May 3, 2009


Made it to Austin last night. Yesterday was a long day of driving. The grasslands are pretty though. Lots of big ranches and cows. The sides of the highways are all a-bloom and very pretty. Yellow, pink and some purple flowers that I am going to say are Texas Bluebonnets. Peaceful ride. Just long. Things seem to be stretched out and far apart in Texas. Plenty of elbow room. Going down to a little town near San Marcos - Gruen I think is how you spell it. Going to have lunch at the Gristmill River Restruant. Then heading on back toward Mobile. I must confess I am getting ready to be home. Want to spend next week playing in the flowers and stainedglass. Ready to see puppies and grands. Oh! News! Eric and Becky are expecting again! That kinda came out of nowhere. I have placed my order for another girl. 4 grandsons is enough! Eric wants a boy. I guess we'll take what we get and love it bunches anyway. Hope your day is blessed!

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