Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random shots

Our first harvest
 Orchid I treated myself to this week

 My office garden
This beauty speaks for herself
Prize pack I got for submitting my mother's gumbo recipe for Mother's day.  You can find it here

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mid June Video

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

California Trip

I recently made a trip out to Davis CA to visit my sister and her family.  Her youngest child was graduating from high school.
My sister recently finished the local Master Gardeners Class.  She has had an interest in vegetable gardening for many years.  I tend to go more toward flower and plant gardening, although I do have a small veggie garden.  when she asked what I'd like to do, I told her see local gardens and gardening centers.  So despite record heat, 102 degrees, we got in lots of beautiful places.  I have made up some slide shows and posted them on my YouTube channel.  Here are the links below.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.  Davis is in the Sacramento area.

The afternoon I got there, after lunch, we went to the Bumble Bee Sanctuary.  the street leading up to it is lined by olive trees.  There is a small air strip near there and the hives.

the next day we drove to Loomis CA and visited a garden center, gift shop and had lunch at their restaurant.  It got hot but we really enjoyed it.   Blogger doesn't want to uplaod the video so here's a link to High Hand Nursery
While we were at the nursery, a guy told us about a private garden near there that had recently opened for public viewing the past weekend.  He said in August there was going to be a Tomato Festival there.  While we had lunch the waitress gave us a map to the place.  So we struck out and found the place.  The gate was open so we drove in, found a place to park, got our cameras and started walking around amazed at the place.  Beautiful.  We noticed a groundkeeper kinda stayed near watering.  When we got home we looked the place up, wanting to know the history.  Well, they do give public tours-BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!  No wonder the guy stayed nearby.  Oh well we got a laugh out of it and saw a wonderful 30 year labor of love.  Blogger doesn't want to load it either so here is a link to Maple Rock.

I hope you enjoyed my slide shows.  They do not do justice to any of these places.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there even tho it was record heat.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Perfect to a T

Some t-shirts I prettied up while it rained today

The black one I stitched by hand, the purple one I used my sewing machine and the blue one I stitched through holes in the medallions.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your day is great!