Thursday, June 21, 2012


FF at Tootsie's! Scroll down to see a post from earlier this week on what's going on in my garden!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Backdoor flowerbed

Ever since we moved here, I have been working on the existing flowerbeds. Most were just filled with hedges. They looked ok, but I like bloomy things and color. So we have gradually been pulling out the hedges. It's fun! Hubs backs the truck up to them, I wrap a chain around them and he takes off! Hedges gone!

The bug guy had told us we needed to get the level of the dirt below the foundation of the house so we could watch for termites. So I didn't want to plant in the ground in this area. So I did something alittle different.

I decided to put planters in this area. Planters have gotten expensive! So I hunted and hunted and foundsome at Garden Ridge 50% off. This area is full shade. I got the plants in Old Town Spring at a garden center I like there. Will do a bit more "twikage" but here's what I have so far:

I am pleased so far with the results. Just will add a few do-dads and stuff as time goes on.

The veggie garden goes along pretty good, though squash bit the dust. We have actually eaten a few tomatoes and some will be ready in a day or two

Banana peppers growing like crazy. Got 4 jars put up so far

Okra has been thinned and is coming on

landscaping brick for next project. It never ends.