Sunday, December 29, 2013

Burlap Projects-Wreaths, Stockings and Curtains

 While my daughter, Lisa was here for Christmas, she made a beautiful burlap wreath for herself

Her finished wreath.
 Not to be out done, I had to make one for myself.  Especially when I realized I had no "winter" wreaths to put up after I took down the Christmas ones.

Now I just need to make 2 more to have one on each door!
Christmas stockings for some of my grands
New kitchen cafe curtain

Close up of curtain
My sweet poodle kids, Elton and Gracie!

 Hope your day is a blessed one!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


We have been debating about getting a new poodle since our Eddie passed away a year ago.  I am allergic to dogs so I have to be a bit picky.  I have lived with poodles all my life so I know how smart, fun and loving they are.  I saw some puppies on Craig's List last week so we went to take a look.  Meet Gracie
She is as white as she can be and is so pretty and fun
Already a little diva
She follows me everywhere and waits in the kitchen while I cook. 
She plays hard and all the sudden-she's out like a light.  I have fallen in love with her and she with me.  My old guy Elton who is 14, is not too sure yet.  We have caught him playing with her a bit but he stops as soon as he realizes we're watching.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Friday, September 20, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trying to force Fall

I love Fall.  The cooler weather.  All the colors of the leaves on the trees.  The problem in the Deep South is-September is not a fall month as in the rest of the country.  It is a summer month.  It can be the hottest month of the year.  But I always try to make it be fall by bringing out my fall decorations in my house.
I always keep some kind of seasonal leaves or greenery on my fireplace mantel.  We like keeping the white Christmas lights on it year round too.  My bird collection lives on it year round.

Orange, and yellow leaves, sunflowers and cotton boles
An old vase or my grandmothers with more sunflowers and cotton
The bar with more fall pretties

White lights under the leaves
Gotta have a scare crow in the fall!
I decided to decorate the baker's rack this year

The lights behind the leaves give off a beautiful glow.
So everything is looking Fallish inside the house and then we step outside to 90+degree weather outside!  Such is life in the Deep South!  Hope you are feeling Fallish and Blessed where ever you are!
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hubbie's B. Day/Our Anniversary

This Weekend is my hubbie's birthday and our anniversary.  I wanted to go to Tomball to my favorite garden center to pick out my gift and our favorite bbq place is near there.  So off we went this morning.  Tomball is about an hour drive.  So first we stopped at Harris County Bar B Q where I treated hubs to lunch and the on to Arbor Gate.  Here are a few pictures from there.  This is a beautiful place with a knowledgeable and helpful staff and beautiful and healthy plants

I have some old glassware I could use to make some of these

I really like their garden art and decor, which was what I was after today for my gift.  Below are the items I chose.
A beautiful new pot

A 'Shroom

A big purple butterfly on a stake.
I love adding little do-dads and such stuff to my garden as much as I do plants.  Just seems to make it so much more special.
We also got 5 inches of much needed rain today!  Of course we had to drive home in it! The plants just loved it and just looked so nice when I walked outside.  Here are a few random shots I took.
By our back door

front bed

we have a lemon!

Love the raindrops on these leaves
It was an enjoyable day even tho it was hot as can be and we got caught in the rain storm!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you are blessed!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Middle of August-Really?

How can this be?  Not only is it August-August is almost half over.  I have surgery scheduled for my right hand next week-the 20th.  Bye bye Carpal Tunnel!
My grand twins will be 16 on the 19th!  How can this be?
My lovely daughter, Lisa will be 35 on the 24th (she's older than me)
here they are today
Here's a few things going on at my ranch
Stained glass studio getting painted, cleaned out and organized

Got a couple new plants and new pots to put them in.  Bird of Paradise.

Lots of Ghost peppers

Painted Bills Moms duckies

Bill made this plant dolly for a friend. 
And it's hot as all get out and we need rain!  Hope everyone is well and blessed!