Sunday, October 13, 2013


We have been debating about getting a new poodle since our Eddie passed away a year ago.  I am allergic to dogs so I have to be a bit picky.  I have lived with poodles all my life so I know how smart, fun and loving they are.  I saw some puppies on Craig's List last week so we went to take a look.  Meet Gracie
She is as white as she can be and is so pretty and fun
Already a little diva
She follows me everywhere and waits in the kitchen while I cook. 
She plays hard and all the sudden-she's out like a light.  I have fallen in love with her and she with me.  My old guy Elton who is 14, is not too sure yet.  We have caught him playing with her a bit but he stops as soon as he realizes we're watching.