Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well I just haven't gotten around to blogging lately. Not really much going on. Work as usual. We are building a new flowerbed at home and it is slowly taking shape. Got most of it cleared this morning and got some Zinnia seeds in. Then after lunch we just decided it was too hot to go back out now. So we have just been resting and waiting for it to cool off some. I may go out to the "studio" and work on my glass some. I have already started a project for the Flowers of Hope. It's not due til September but I don't get to work often and I wanted to be sure and be finished in plenty of time. All plants seem to be doing well. Got plenty of maters and looks like we will have some squish too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer must be here

What happened to spring? it seems summer has arrived already. We have been working in the yard the last few days and it is HOT! But we have gotten lots done. Flower beds are cleaned out. All the flowers we bought at Lowe's tuesday are in the ground. It's really starting to shape up.

The side of our house was a real eye-sore. Nothing could be planted in the bed beside the house expect rocks. So we have come up with a solution and it looks pretty good. We filled it in first with layers of newpapers to keep weeds from coming through and then mulch. We bought 3 planters and filled them with flowers. Bill hung his ferns up and I think they may like it over there. That's a pix of the results at the top of this post. What do you think? The other picture is proof thqt I have some 'maters on my plants. Can't wait for a good ol mater sandwich!

The rest of the Trip

It seems that since we've been home I haven't had a chance to sit down at all. I told Bill that I work harder on Vacation that at work! I did not get a chance to post about the last couple of days of our trip.

Sunday we spent in a little town Gruene (Green) Texas. Just a cute little place. We ate at the Gristmill which is on the river and absolutely beautifully landscaped. Then wandered around in the shops. Just had a wonderful afternoon.

The trip home was pretty unevenful. Stopped at a market in Lake Charles, LA and picked up some boudoin (boo-dan). Really good. Made a stop in Baton Rouge and ate at an Italian Deli that Bill liked when he worked over there after Katrina. Goe home Monday evening. Stopped and got the puppies--I think they were glad to see us.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Made it to Austin last night. Yesterday was a long day of driving. The grasslands are pretty though. Lots of big ranches and cows. The sides of the highways are all a-bloom and very pretty. Yellow, pink and some purple flowers that I am going to say are Texas Bluebonnets. Peaceful ride. Just long. Things seem to be stretched out and far apart in Texas. Plenty of elbow room. Going down to a little town near San Marcos - Gruen I think is how you spell it. Going to have lunch at the Gristmill River Restruant. Then heading on back toward Mobile. I must confess I am getting ready to be home. Want to spend next week playing in the flowers and stainedglass. Ready to see puppies and grands. Oh! News! Eric and Becky are expecting again! That kinda came out of nowhere. I have placed my order for another girl. 4 grandsons is enough! Eric wants a boy. I guess we'll take what we get and love it bunches anyway. Hope your day is blessed!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Starting our trek home

We left Colorado Springs this morning. We both are feeling better but not out the woods yet. We made it as far as Amarillo, Texas. I enjoyed seeing the grasslands through south Colorado and New Mexico. I found very simple and pretty. Very relaxing. Had supper at the Big Texan. It was ok but over-rated. One guy tried to eat the big steak and failed. 2 guys were starting when we left. They looked like they might make it. Next stop Fortworth and the Creation Museum.