Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer must be here

What happened to spring? it seems summer has arrived already. We have been working in the yard the last few days and it is HOT! But we have gotten lots done. Flower beds are cleaned out. All the flowers we bought at Lowe's tuesday are in the ground. It's really starting to shape up.

The side of our house was a real eye-sore. Nothing could be planted in the bed beside the house expect rocks. So we have come up with a solution and it looks pretty good. We filled it in first with layers of newpapers to keep weeds from coming through and then mulch. We bought 3 planters and filled them with flowers. Bill hung his ferns up and I think they may like it over there. That's a pix of the results at the top of this post. What do you think? The other picture is proof thqt I have some 'maters on my plants. Can't wait for a good ol mater sandwich!

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