Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Decorating Finally Finished

I think I am finally finished with the Christmas Decorating. If I'm not oh well I'm done for anyway. It has taken about 2 weeks and I don't do all that much.
The above picture is the fire place and tree from across the room. The birds on the mantel live there year round and I just change greenery from one season to the next.
As I was putting the decoration on the tree at week, I noticed I have many bird ones. I do love birds of all kinds. Some I have made out of stained glass and some others have made. Here's a few:
More birds and greenery on the book shelf
OK so Blogger wants to upload everything backward. OK we will continue I made this shiny little center piece on a some table by putting down a 20 lite strand of lights, with a silver bead garland on top and some shiny balls. It really looks good and is real shiny.
And last but not least certainly, is the manager scene on the bar. We don't eat at this bar-it's kind of narrow. But I keep it decorated for different seasons too and it works well as a buffet when I have company as the stove is just on the other side. I know that manager scenes are not really Biblicaly correct as the wise men didn't show up until Jesus was about 2 years old but I like having it out as a reminder as to what it's all about.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

The wreath making for the next season begins

This is very easy. I bought 2 tubes of plastic balls from Hobby Lobby-total of 50. Put a drop of glue on the hanger to hold it on the ball. Used a glue gun. And them threaded them on the hanger. Easy as can be
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Back Porch Progress

Our back porch has been an eye sore since we moved in. It was a badly done addition that never was finished and time had done it's work on it too
It had just become a catch all, but it was a good area to put the plants in during the winter months. But we had always envisioned a nice area to sit.
We decided the whole front wall needed to come off and be screened in. the screening we will do in the spring. But hubbie has worked hard and MUCH progress has been made.
It's really shaping up. But as you know, these type projects always take twice as long and cost twice as much than you thought. But it really is turning into a nice area. Linked in with Met Monday

Saturday, September 8, 2012

3rd Fall Wreath

Back door wreath I made this weekend

Butterflies loving the lantana

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A touch of Fall And Summer's to do List~Complete?

I love fall. And I am very ready for it this year. September is not really fall in the deep South. It still gets pretty hot during the day. But I love to have the colors of fall around me so I started decorating already. I made two new wreaths. I had seen the Burlap Ribbon on another girl's blog (didn't get the name so I can't give her credit here). But hers turned out so pretty. I found it at Hobby Lobby.

I also put some touches on the mantle. I always change it with the seasons

and a few touches on a bookshelf and on the bar

Blogger wanted to load the pictures out of order for some reason today. But you get the general idea. Happy Fall Ya'll!

Summer to do List
We had quite a list of to do's on our summer list here they are, completed. The first thing before we hauled any bricks or lumber for other projects was rebuild the trailer. Rotten wood was removed with the help of the kid around the corner and I helped hubbie put new boards on the trailer. One job done!
The next job was getting the fountain up and running. Doesn't sound like much but hubbie wanted to paint it, then the bed had to be built,on a hill, electrical outlet installed, (under the little box on the left) then the fountain got up and running. I did get some plants put in around it and will put in more next spring. It looks really good.
Fence built to to form a parking area on the other side and hopefully grass will begin to grow on this side.

fixed up a sitting area in the backyard. Hubbie will build some kind of screen for the bomb.
In this area by the back door, we ripped out the ugly hedges and got it prettied up
Screen built to hide timers and hoses.
Destruction of back porch has begun. It still has a way to go~this is a WIP (work in progress).

New bench for front of the house so we can sit and enjoy the fountain.

So we got lots of stuff marked of the list but for some reason the list is no shorter!

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