Monday, August 12, 2013

The Middle of August-Really?

How can this be?  Not only is it August-August is almost half over.  I have surgery scheduled for my right hand next week-the 20th.  Bye bye Carpal Tunnel!
My grand twins will be 16 on the 19th!  How can this be?
My lovely daughter, Lisa will be 35 on the 24th (she's older than me)
here they are today
Here's a few things going on at my ranch
Stained glass studio getting painted, cleaned out and organized

Got a couple new plants and new pots to put them in.  Bird of Paradise.

Lots of Ghost peppers

Painted Bills Moms duckies

Bill made this plant dolly for a friend. 
And it's hot as all get out and we need rain!  Hope everyone is well and blessed!

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  1. And now it is September, already. The older we get, the more time flies. My eldest is 31 and I still think of him as my little kid.... but don't tell him I said that! Even though late in the season, my garden is still growing and blooming, I can't believe how good it still looks.


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