Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hubbie's B. Day/Our Anniversary

This Weekend is my hubbie's birthday and our anniversary.  I wanted to go to Tomball to my favorite garden center to pick out my gift and our favorite bbq place is near there.  So off we went this morning.  Tomball is about an hour drive.  So first we stopped at Harris County Bar B Q where I treated hubs to lunch and the on to Arbor Gate.  Here are a few pictures from there.  This is a beautiful place with a knowledgeable and helpful staff and beautiful and healthy plants

I have some old glassware I could use to make some of these

I really like their garden art and decor, which was what I was after today for my gift.  Below are the items I chose.
A beautiful new pot

A 'Shroom

A big purple butterfly on a stake.
I love adding little do-dads and such stuff to my garden as much as I do plants.  Just seems to make it so much more special.
We also got 5 inches of much needed rain today!  Of course we had to drive home in it! The plants just loved it and just looked so nice when I walked outside.  Here are a few random shots I took.
By our back door

front bed

we have a lemon!

Love the raindrops on these leaves
It was an enjoyable day even tho it was hot as can be and we got caught in the rain storm!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you are blessed!


  1. Love your new pot and mushroom! I have a few 'shrooms but I think I need more because I like the way they displayed them at the garden center. And those fish! I want them. Sounds like a perfect birthday/anniversary celebration to me!

  2. I love visiting/shopping at garden centers! I always seem to find stuff I just have to take home with me!! :) You got some lovely items! Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary/birthday celebration!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage (

  3. Fall is just a few short days away! Love your decor - very beautiful and cheerful! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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