Saturday, April 6, 2013

Texas Wild Flowers

The wild flowers this spring have really put on quite a show.  I love them so much and Texas really has the most beautiful.  I stop on the rode sides and pick a bunch every few days while they are in bloom. When I step out of the car I can smell the Blue Bonnets.  In Texas, they will not mow the rode sides until the Wild Flowers are done blooming.  The colors are very bright and the blooms plentiful this year.  Conditions must be just right. Below are some pictures I took today when I stopped.  They do not do it justice by any means.


  1. I would love to see these in person one day!

  2. I love this time of year when even the roads are pleasant with some pretty blooms. They look beautiful.

  3. I lived in SA for a few years and
    one of the things I miss most is
    spring and all the wild flowers along
    the roads and hiways... I wish all
    states would adapt the law, "no mowing
    until the wild flowers are finished"
    Great shots

  4. The best of wildflowers can be found along our Texas highways. However, they are not real pretty around here yet. I saw a small bunch of blue bonnets this past week.

  5. Hi Carol! So glad to find you today. We live in the Dallas area and just moved here after being gone from Texas for 23 years. We've had the most gorgeous bluebonnets this year! It varies from year to year and this year has been good. Are you enjoying gardening in Conroe? That's such a pretty area. We have land in Centerville which is north of Conroe on I45. Love those piney woods. :)


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