Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Happenings on the Ranch

We are getting everything cleaned up for spring.  Garden is in and all beds have gotten a fresh layer of mulch.
Tomatoes, peppers and onions in and looking very happy
Potted plants wintered on the back porch with a grow light and look pretty outside the dining room window
New area I am working on right outside the back porch with all the beautiful pots hubs has given me lately.  Feeding station also.
front porch

I took over a quarter of the okra patch as a cutting garden.  I have zinnias, sunflowers and daisies planted.  They are about an inch tall.  Very excited about this!  Have had trouble with a cutting garden because of out lack of sunny spots.  I love to keep cut flowers in the house and to give then to other people.  They are always so pleased and impressed.  But zinnias are so very easy to grow.  When i deadhead them I toss them back in to the garden to re-seed it.
back porch


  1. Nice garden. Can I have a fresh mater sammich with you when they come in?

  2. I wanted to plant a garden this year but we didnt :-(. We will next year. All of my zinnia, coneflower and sunflowerseds are coming up. I cant wait to see them. I like to have lots of cut flowers too


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