Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How my garden grows, May 2012

We had really been worried about the Magnolia tree thanks to last year's drought. But it is looking much better and even has a few blooms
I just kind of fiddled around the gazebo and created some beds with some brick that were already there. Earlier this spring I had planted some Caladiums, and a few are coming up, but I think the squirrels have robbed some. I had a few of the bulbs left so I stuck them in there too. Hopefully, they won't be stolen.
You can see the hose for the drip system hubbie added along the bottom of the gazebo last year. He does really good with that stuff and keeps me from having to water all the time. We also have it set on a timer, so we can go on trips and not worry. You can see the timer on the faucet in this picture
That and weed control fabric and mulch really cut down on the work once you get a bed all put together. We put drip hose in the flower beds and the veggie garden and hook them all to timers. Our veggie garden would not have made it last year if not for that. Here's a few pictures of the garden. We have baby squash, peppers and tomaoes. Very exciting!
and here's something sweet to finish up today's post. My son and his sweet baby girl Emma Leigh. She is so much like him it's scary. So sweet
Ok, well one more. My daughter with my son's older daughter, Baliegh Elizabeth. To me, Bay looks like she could be Lisa's daughter, not her niece
Some of my pictures didn't load for some reason! Anyway, have a great day, and God Bess!

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  1. I am a big fan of caladiums. I plant a few every year. This past winter was so mild I have a some that over wintered. Happy Gardening!


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