Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hitting the 50% off rack!

Lately our local home/garden center has been having huge 50% sales on plants. One weekend every plant in the store was 50% off! They have over ordered and can't sell them quick enough. Today I got several plants, a Coralbells, 2 ferns and a tray of impatiens. They were all in great shape-the coral bells were just really dry:
Here they are planted. The 2 ferns
The coral bells went in next to the gazebo. I was standing in it when I took this picture, after giving her a good soaking:
The impatiens were used to fill in some spots in the new bed in the front:
It is so great to get plants on sale! Hope they all make it! Have a great day and God bless!


  1. Don't you love finding those bargains? I love those sale racks!

  2. You got some good buys, Carol!

  3. Love the bargain and distressed racks. That looks like asparagus fern, if so, it will start spreading round.

  4. How exciting to find bargains at the Garden Centre. I love those kind of bargains. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Have a lovely weekend

  5. It's great to find bargain plants and even greater when they get good watering and 'take off' to fill your beds. I can hardly wait until my tiny cuttings make full sized plants.

    Your header magnolia is just beautiful. Magnolias would be worth growing just for the fragrance.

  6. looks like you found some goodies can't wait to see them grow and fill in your beds they are going to be so pretty.
    Have a wonderful week.
    hugs, Cherry

  7. The 1/2 price rack (or death row, as I like to call it:) is my first stop at any store:). Don't you love it when they still look healthy? Hope yours settle in safe and sound:). (I looked up Conroe, and see you are down by Houston, we normally live in north east Texas pineywoods area, up very near the Ark/LA corner. Now we are staying in Sonora, hill country. Very beautiful, very different.)


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