Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rocky Mountain National Park

Finally got to feeling like getting out yesterday. Monday we stayed in all day both sick and the weather was yucky anyway. I have developed a sinus infection and sound like I have the Swine Flu. Sneezing, sniffing etc all the time. But we did get to the park yesterday. Talk about beautiful! Most of the roads are still closed but we were able to get to about 9300 ft. Still lots of snow on the mountain tops and all along the roads were they have plowed. We saw a HUGE herd of Elk! Beautiful, and many deer were walking around town in Estes Park. They just walk through people's yards like they belong there! The day was nice -- cool but the sun was out and we had a fun time.

Think the plan is to drive down to Colorado Springs today. I stopped yesterday and bought lots of sinus meds so I will be highly drugged so hope I can enjoy the day!

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