Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden of the Gods/Pike's Peak

Well, we have had 2 beautiful days of site-seeing. Drove down to Colorado Springs yesterday morning. Toured Garden of the Gods and did some shopping at the Trading Post. Bill bought me another pair of earrings from there. Not many people or much traffic to deal with at all. Found a room after that and just did some riding around in the city. Still battling sinus junk and seem to have shared it with Bill. Nice of me huh? Got up this morning and drove up to Pike's Peak. Just a gorgeous day! sunshining brightly. We were not able to get all the way up to the top but were able to get above the tree line probably about 13,000 feet. Still lots of snow on the ground and the winds are really ripping up there! But we did see lots of pretty scenary and had a pic-nic in the car in the park. Stopped in a town called Manitou Springs and did some shopping. Back at the room resting now. Both feeling some better but still sniffy and coughing. The cold air was a bit rough on us. More later.

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