Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

Despite neglect due to foot surgery and lack of rain, I do have a few things looking good in the garden.  We finally got some rain and everything is enjoying it.  Not quite over the surgery yet and I have to have the same on my other foot.  Can't wait until next spring so I can get back into the dirt again.
Mexican petunias are blooming nicely

Mexican heather are a few years old.

ferns going wild.  will need some thinning out

this planter just keeps getting prettier.


  1. Your garden looks so amazing. I hope everything is good for you so you can take good care of your garden again.

  2. Looks great! Hope you are back in the garden soon!

  3. Great photos of your beautiful garden !!

  4. beautiful pictures of a fabulous garden! I have to get my flower fixes online this year since I didn't plant first time in 16 years...and I managed to survive! lol
    Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment on my last post :)


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