Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beautiful Live Oaks

When my sister visited us in December, she and I made a trip over to Mississippi to see my Kids. One thing I noticed and enjoyed seeing again was the beautiful Live Oak trees on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. These beauties can live for hundreds of years and get huge. The limbs will get so long and heavy that they will go to the ground and back up again. They can survive hurricanes, flooding and drought. Along the coast after Katrina, Oaks were all that were left for miles. They are beautiful to me and I love seeing their shape and structure. However, they do drop leaves years round and tons of acorns in the fall. The squirrels love them. I find baby oaks trees growing in my flower beds all the time from the squirrels hiding them. Here are a few pictures of these wonderful trees I took on our trip
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  1. I too love the live oaks from the South. They are my favorite thing when I visit there because we have nothing like it in the North. The Spanish moss hanging in them makes them so romantic and beautiful. I could park myself under them and just sit there forever.


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