Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Fountain of Youth

Hubbie has worked very hard on getting this flowerbed and fountain finished. It's on a hill so that made getting everything level quite a challenge. but we finally got it all put together this morning. All that is left is for me to plant it up. Thanks Hubs.

The water is quite loud, but it is still a very pleasant sound.


  1. Hi Carol,

    Thank you so much for stopping to visit my pond garden. I'm glad I found you! Your fountain is just gorgeous and I love the brick work. I too have a circle garden. Is that a sunny area? Can't wait to see what you plant.

    1. This area gets some afternoon sun which can be very hot in South Texas, but mostly shade. Haven't made up my mind completely but might try some day lilies, maybe they will get enough sun to bloom.

  2. What a beautiful fountain! I look forward to seeing it when you get it planted. Have a great weekend!

  3. So what are you thinking about planting? The sound of water will be most refreshing as you dig and plant!


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