Saturday, October 22, 2011

Garden stuff

not too much going on in the garden right now but last weekend, I got all the tomato plants pulled out. 4 big bags of debris. They never bounced back after a wind storm we had a couple months ago. So I put in 2 row of Collard greens and 1 row of brussel sprouts. And now I have babies:
Zinnia are really loving this cooler weather and are doing better than they did all summer. They never got thick enough to chock all the grass out, but I have been able to cut several big bunches every few days. I'm going to just let them keep on going. They will bloom until Christmas if the weather stays mild.
Mums are everywhere right now of course and I love them. I picked these 2 huge plants up at a local nursery for 75% off-about $4 each. Love the colors:

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