Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall is here

Well, seems like summer is finally coming to a close. The zinnias look pretty rough, and I cut them back some last week. They will continue to bloom until Christmas unless it happens to get really cold first. Some of the leaves on trees are starting to turn and I noticed the Popcorn trees have their little white popcorns The "naked ladies" (spider lilies) have come and gone and took the love bugs with them.

We had fun watching the hummers this year. We put a feeder on the front porch so we could watch them through the front window. Many times, fighting over the feeder, they would hit the window but keep on going. I had not been noticing them at the feeder lately and wondered if they had gone on to vacation down in Mexico. Then one morning this week I had the window open while getting ready for work and heard one chattering. They are feeding at the hummingbird vine that grows on our fence and don't care about the feeder too much anymore. Sitting out on the back porch one evening last week, we saw 2 tiny baby ones feeding at the roses! So tiny they almost looked like large moths!

The cooler (not cool but COOLER) weather is enjoyable. I sat out on the back porch a long time this morning and just relaxed.

October is always a busy month with festivals and other stuff. Fall doesn't last long on the Gulf Coast. Soon it will be just rainy and yucky.
By the way, I did not take the picture of the hummer on this post. Ours were so hyper, it was impossible to get one!

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